Wild Heart of Italy

A food + wine + cultural encounter with the *real* Italy


Just one hour south from Rome, but a whole world away - the food & wine region of Ciociaria [cho-sha-ria] in Central Italy is just waiting for us to discover it! A favoured foodie destination during the Roman Empire, and with deep Etruscan roots, this region seems to have been frozen in time since the Medieval ages. Think walled towns and villages on top of mountains, Roman ruins, Etruscan temples and incredible local cuisine and wines.

This region is famed for its truffles, buffalo mozzarella, sheep cheese pecorino, olives, olive oil with a local cuisine based on recipes dating back to Etruscan and Roman times. We will be dining at medieval taverns under castles, al fresco at cellar doors, and supporting young local chefs proudly bringing back their Etruscan ethnic roots into their cooking-style.

Vines have also been cultivated in the Ciociaria region since Etruscan times, and the Romans LOVED its famous Cesanese variety of red wine (which is now making a 2000 year long comeback). We'll also be right in the heart of the Piglio DOC region, with many local winegrowers and winemakers exploring biodynamic and sustainable methods for producing their handpicked wine, including storing the wines underground for fermentation Roman-style in terracotta amphorae.

Ciociaria has its own cuisine, culture, customs and dialect (so throw your Italian phrasebook out the window). Lucky for us Paolo is native to the region and speaks the dialect, so he'll be our guide and our host throughout. We also have local guides on-the-ground to support and accompany our guests who are all native to the Ciociarian region, and who are thrilled to be able to share their culture with guests.

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Our tours will run September 2018 and May 2018. If you'd like to be first to find out more, please fill in your details below and we'll be announcing tour dates and opening bookings to our mailing list members first.

Kelly & Paolo Picarazzi
Co-Founders, Silver Compass Tours

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